Friday, August 10, 2012

It's all in finding what you want

This week I've been taking my nephew's wife to look at houses. I think I've mentioned before that my nephew lived in ohio and is military. With odds of him being deployed again fairly high his wife thought moving out here where she would have "a village" to help raise their 2 young boys was a good idea.

They still own a gorgeous home in Ohio and so they've been looking at mobile homes. We've gone to two different parks (chosen a clear winner park!), and toured a number of homes.

I've fallen in love with a couple (what can I say a year in Gregory has made me fall in love with little places & cozy nooks) and A has chosen some that she liked too! We've been on opposite views on some (though I shut my mouth and say nothing) but on Tuesday we found what looks like THE ONE! 3 bedrooms, 1000 square feet, new flooring, etc etc.

Now it's the coming to terms and agreeing

*isn't that pretty much everything in life? Find what you want, come to terms with it and agree with your decision

+++do you love house hunting? I do but it's also exhausting+++

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Anonymous said...

fun! my friend just moved into a brand new house! house hunting issss exhausting though...and worse...MOVING! ha! glad I don't have to do either for a while!

hope you had a great weekend!


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