Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday bug

Awww man I have lots of bugs this week...

First our road is being torn up so they can put in new water pipes. Well Tuesday the hit the gas line and my entire street was evacuated - I cried!

Second friends who aren't there when you need them but they expect you to jump when they need you!

Third my own stupidity - I decided to carry a huge ac to install for a friend... Ignoring my no heavy lifting rule. Well I ended up slicing my finger and hitting my head - worst of all? It was broken... Even worse? Hubster who never gets angry with me was so mad he couldn't speak - for an hour.

Thanks to for another week of getting it all off my chest

Btw I really love the print below... Anyone seen it? I found it on pinterest with no link... I would love one 4 my wall

+++anything bugging you?+++


Chubby McGee said...

Ugh to your week. I'm sorry you had such a bum one. :(

Here's to hoping for better days to come!

Hang in there, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

hoping next week has less bugs! :D

Joy said...

Thanks for your sweet words!!

Joy said...

It will!!! I leave for Jamaica Wednesday

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