Friday, June 29, 2012

Has it really only been one day?

As hubs and I were getting ready for bed I commented that I couldn't believe we had only been here one day and he said that he had thought the same thing. We did SO much yesterday!

Let's see there was aqua trikes in the morning (can we discuss what I was thinking bringing my iPhone out in the water with me?) they were super fun!

Multiple walks along the beach of course (it's not hard to do when we are steps away from it and it's beauty calls you) now here's a question though - and I'm serious - this is Caribbean sea, right?

Hubs swam in the pool, played water volley ball and was on a swim team that had a mini Olympics, I enjoyed the whirlpool ;-)

I went to the gym and got my elliptical on and hubs played life size chess!

We went to a water park and floated down the lazy river, and went down the water slides (multiple time) thankfully I left my phone home for this one!

Went to a swim up bar (ummm simply because we can) I got a (non alcoholic) drink called the fairy princess (it tasted like cough syrup) and learned that MAYBE in the future I should pick drinks by their ingredient list and not their cute name 8-0

And ended the night watching a guest and staff talent show - there are two people who work here who ought to be on so you think you can dance!

All that in 24 hours, AND WE SLEPT TOO!

Here's a few of my favorite pics of the day

1- sunset Jamaica style
2- steering the aqua trike
3- hubs sleeping on a tree on the beach
4- playing catch up (to our friend who was far ahead)
5- resting on the beach
6- the view from the gym (now you know why I went to the gym)

+++do you like water parks?+++

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