Sunday, January 01, 2012

On dogs and such

We are considering getting pupster a pup of his own. The rescue league let me know to expect ~$300 a year in costs... I choked (back the laughter). Pupster costs monthly:
$45 (insurance)
$25 (average of vet bills)
$60 (dry food)
$33 (wet food)
$20 (treats)
$70 (grooming he's a poodle)
$10 (average of toys and clothes)

Ummm that's $263 A MONTH -

however when you add in what a simple pat on his head does to my mood, or the fact that his calming breath can stave off a panic attack, that his high 5 can count as my greeting and will often get me to places I wouldn't go I am pretty sure that he is saving me money. Sure I go to therapy multiple times a week but I'd probably be in patient or worse if I didn't have a great friend who doesn't judge and who kisses my tears away....

+++are you a pet person? Do you see their value in therapy?+++

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