Thursday, January 05, 2012

Fabulous and five!

Today one of my goals was buying myself a new coat - my current coat is rather (shall we say) worn? That's what happens when you're a person who delves onto things without thinking. There was a hole in the back from where I sat on the fireplace and it melted my coat. The arms and bottom front had green on then from where I painted HUBSTER'S ladder green for Christmas... The arms had lost most of their down. Every single time I wore it my self worth went down...

But I HATE coat shopping I hate spending the money required for a coat! After stopping at (far too many) places I stopped at the thrift store! All blue tag items we're half off and fortunately there was a long pea coat in my size. It's bright blue (which I love) and its warm! I feel a need to alter it a bit (pretty buttons an something on the collar) but overall it'll do! Best of all??? 9.99 and 1/2 off so $5! Now that's fabulous

***note that's not me, or my coat - but close

+++do you thrift?+++

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