Monday, August 30, 2010

Finding inner peace (I need to)

Today I have to go to my old doctor's office... She sent me a letter a while ago saying she wouldn't see me anymore because she found me noncompliant. Although I disagree and did then too and had (have?) issue with a doctor saying you're too sick for me and then not suggesting any other alternatives it is what it is... But anyway, I have stalled as long as I could in finding a new doctor as the therapist has said there wasn't a choice anymore and I have an appointment two weeks from today. So today I am going to the old docs to fill out the paperwork to get copies of my medical records - ummmm hello awkward!

Going into that office I used to go into 1 to 2 times weekly weighing a bit more than I did last time I was there has caused some behaviors I am not proud of...

Add to that a weekend horse show where I was judging and I am not in a great place... So where does that leave my inner peace? Well I don't know, so I am searching...

At this weekend's horse show there was a henna artist and I love me some henna... So I got two tattoos the first is a large floral vine that travels from the tip of my left pinky up past my wrist, it's very pretty and very traditional. The other (the photo above) is the ohm symbol in my right palm. I am hoping that it will remind me to take a step back and breathe over the next two weeks. I hope it works... I am also adding in a second "mandatory" daily yoga/meditation session of 10 minutes or more...

Do you yoga? Does it help?
Do you fear docs?

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