Thursday, August 26, 2010

"be careful what you ask for"

My mother used to have phrases for me

"joy don't cut off your nose to spite your face"

"you made your bed now lay in it"

And the list could go on forever....

But a common one was becareful what you ask for - you just might get it...
Well she is gone but tonight (yup tonight) I get it! I got what I asked for (and not in a good way)

Hubster got out of work early and I was looking forward to the night together (we are emerging from a rough patch a little beaten but stronger) but he got a phone call from a friend if ours who invited HIM out for a fun evening. It stung, this is someone I adore.

The thing is... Would I have gone? Idk probably not. I still am not comfortable being seen, I prefer to be alone or in crowded places where I am an unknown face. Where I am invisible.

I would have liked to have been asked though. You know what? How many times are people going to allow themselves to be turned down? "you get what you give" (another favorite of my mom's)

So I guess I am going to have to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone and inviting people in if I expect them to do the same...

What are some of your favorite phrases?

A couple more of my mom's are
If the student hasn't learned then the teacher hasn't taught

God keep you to morning

Sweet dreams or none at all

Sweet dreams sweet repose and god bless

Brady you throw like a lady

And a zillion more

Most of my favorites make no sense out of context
ie- they let me drive da big twuck
Whose a p***y now, b***h?
I like the way you say that


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time getting out of the house too. My fave sayings: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" "Take what you can eat"

Laura said...

If this was me I'm sorry. You are always always always welcome to come over.

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