Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Running for sanity?

Lately I have been running every day - I have been averaging 7 - 10 miles a day. I wasn't worried about this until the other day when I took the pupster ( and really isn't he just handsome?) for a walk with a friend, we covered about 3 miles chatting all the while. I decided that harvard square is nowhere near as pet friendly as Coolidge corner - people were borderline rude! And then we went home. Sounds innocent enough, right? Well I got home and did some yoga and a quick abs workout and was waiting on the hubster to get home from work. Within half an hour of sitting there I started to panic that I wasn't running that day. I seriously thought about trying to control my thoughts but gave up on it when I remembered we were going to see a movie that night (a local mall is setting up a family drive in each Saturday night for the month of august - free of charge and with a concert and games for the kids beforehand) and I didn't want to be stressed all night and take it out on the hub so I threw on a pair of shoes and put in 3.5 miles. I was glad I did but at the same time a little disappointed that I can't just allow myself a rest day...

I really am confused as to whether I am getting better (which I am in the fact that I am eating some solid foods) or worse because I have an actual tracker on my phone to be sure I get in enough exercise...

Also randomly last week my therapist questioned if I wanted to get better. I do! But I am wondering what it is about me that makes those I work with question this. As it is my doctor discontinued seeing me because she says I am non-compliant (am seeing a new doc next month) and my nutritionist has given up too - I am thinking of how I want to handle that one, I am thinking of one or two of the health bloggers I admire (for their comfort with food) who do online nutrition coaching since it is really hard for me to get out (body image issues make me hate being seen)

So if you survived that what do you think of my nutrition online coach idea?

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