Monday, September 06, 2010

Ode to the iPhone

Ever since the original iPhone came out and people were waiting 12 hours in line for them I coveted one. I had faith in any product Steve Jobs had his hand in on.

Well money and fear of the dreaded touchscreen kept me from getting one. Then in June my beloved motorola karma died and the warranty replacement out of stock for 3+ weeks... What would I like to do? Well hubster was eligible for an upgrade so they offered to let me upgrade on his # but have the phone on mine. I would still get the replacement karma but I could get myself a new phone and keep the karma as a back up... I decided to bite the bullet and get the iPhone - I got the cheap model (8 gig 3GS) and walked out of the store nervous and about $100 poorer - but confident because if I hated it I could always switch back when the karma came in. Needles worry I tell you!

I love my phone! It is my security blanket. I am never without it! I blog from (say hi to the phone), I use it for pictures (as a matter of fact I use it for an app called project 365 which is a way of documenting a year of your life with a single photo a day, I web surf, I YouTube, I chat with friends (via I M), I play scrabble with the hubster, I use the calendar to remind myself of everything from when to give pupster his heartworm meds (Tuesday) to when I have therapy next (also Tuesday), I use it as a flashlight in the middle of the night, I watch tv on it and admittedly I track calories and exercise on it. I am not kidding when I say this phone is my lifeline!

I am what hubster calls an app whore... I just love that if I can think it I can tap a screen and have it! Amazing!

Do you have an iPhone or other smart phone? What features does it have that you love? Any apps I gotta get?

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