Saturday, September 11, 2010

A matter of perspective

Admittedly I am struggling right now. I am weight restored and stable but all the other ED crap is bothering me and body image is quite often keeping me away from the public eye :-/

But like anything you can try to change how you look at it...

Pupster had to get some work done on his hips and is therefore forced to wear a silly cone on his head for two weeks! Now I really wouldn't blame him if he was moody and whiny about this heaven knows I would be (heck I am whiny about it and I'm not the one wearing it). But pupster is acting like it's the greatest thing ever! It's not a cone... It's a scoop for his best toys, it's a way to trap his little "sister" (an 8 pound Japanese Chin!) for a game, it's a megaphone so his favorite squeaky toys are extra loud! He doesn't mind it one bit...

I think I need to take a few lessons from pupster and find the positives in situations, what about you? How are you working on improving yourself?


Astrid said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous necklace and card. I will be writing back this week. I got some pretty amazing stamps from my mom. Wait until you see them!
I am working on fully enjoying things such as more yoga and desserts. The joys that sometimes don't let myself enjoy, becasue dessert can equal calories and yoga equals not burning enough calories. But that is NOT TRUE. I just need to quite my mind.

Christina said...

Thank you SO much for your support of my blog!

I love your analogy about your dog finding the positive in the cone! Luckily, my current dog hasn't had to wear one yet, but I remember my old dog had to a few times.

Biz said...

Sending hugs to you! Sorry the ED is trying to get the better of you - hang in there!


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