Monday, December 17, 2012

What! A! Weekend!!

Well, I was actually looking forward to Monday morning this weekend to say how fun a time I'd had! I mean Friday I went out the the nephews and looked at lights! Yay!!

Saturday I had some great classes at the gym (that's a daily thing but I love it anyways AND I got three orders for necklaces from the one I made the owner she kept telling everyone who complimented her on it that I made and sold them) and then Saturday night I went to the Newport mansions to hear Christmas carols and a concert! Fabulous! Never have I been to the mansions before - twas pretty amazing! Note the poinsettia tree - it's made from real poinsettia. My florist self was geeking out 100% and sending pics to my sister (also a florist).

Sunday started with 3 classes at the gym (the norm) and was SUPPOSED to be my little family going to celebrate Christmas with my nephew.

But Friday night while I was happily looking at lights the hubs was doing an indoor obstacle course. Or... Attempting it! He fell! 18'! His wrist hurt but we all figured it'd be fine in a couple days... Well Sunday morning I woke him up when I got back from working out (he is LAZY) because his arm was MORE swollen and starting to look bowed!! Off to the walk-in we went. His arm is broken in 4 spots (well now I've returned from the surgeon it's shattered with more than 6 pieces floating) and his ulna has detached from his wrist. Oops! They put a splint on it and we meet with a surgeon today. This is slightly stressful as his job doesn't offer insurance and thus he has none. We will figure it out I'm certain!

To not leave this on a crappy note - we still went to the nephews house and they loved their gifts and we had fun celebrating their first Massachusetts Christmas with them ;-) AND while I was out my awesome niece dropped by with a swag she had made for our front door! Check out how awesome it is!!!

how was your weekend?

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Biz said...

Oh no! Hope your hubs is okay - so crazy! I am almost 45 and I've never broken a single bone in my life!

That pointsetta tree is amazing!


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