Friday, December 28, 2012


Happy Friday friends! How are you? Doing well I hope :-)

Janet has provided us with another week's question and fun. Play along?

1. They've said the hubs arm is doing pretty well. And that they're surprised at how well the healing is going YAY!
2. I quite enjoy going to the fitness studio, the hubs and I have talked about this - how they've (the owners) just made it into a place you want to be. They're welcoming smiles are a great way to start any workout
3. What is the purpose of algebra? I'm pretty sure I've never used it in life!.
4. I don't watch a lot of tv shows.
5. Eyes are seriously what attract me to people ~ kind eyes, sexy eyes, honest loving eyes
6. it's always quite scary to hear ut oh coming from my nephew "a" it could seriously mean anything from spilled milk to seeing a car accident to having clocked his brother
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going with my niece to pick up her friend from the airport, tomorrow my plans include gym in the morning, then cleaning with a friend (she's going on vacation and I suggested we clean and get her house perfect so that she will come back to calmness rather than chaos and Sunday, I want to go to the gym in the morning and clean my own house and sort and organize my Christmas decorations and put them away and put up the winter d├ęcor!

what are you doing this weekend?
I love this picture of the poodle because I swear he (his eyes) are saying "dad you woke me up to take yet a another picture of me?"


Diana_CT said...

I have to start exercising, it seems like I have one excuse after another to avoid exercising.

Kwizgiver said...

How nice to help your friend clean before her trip. :-)

**** April **** said...

I HAVE to laugh about your algebra. I didn't finish it in school, went to take it again... had to retest... made a 33 on my test!!? I'm like... I am 38 years old....are you SERIOUS that I need this? I took Trig and Calc in highschool ..and have made it over 20 years WITHOUT algebra...why do I need it now? WHY?

AlwaysJoy said...

EXACTLY my point! I tell people that letters and #s do not belong together

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