Tuesday, December 25, 2012

At some point you give up

On sleep that is!

I started trying to fall asleep at 8 (both the hubs and I were exhausted) but here It is 1:56 and I'm still WIDE awake. I think it may be time to say uncle and realize that there is no sleep for me tonight.

That's okay, sitting by the glow of the tree and crocheting a scarf for my favorite man isn't a bad way to spend a night. And really I can rest tomorrow! We have a pretty low key day ahead of us. Maybe stopping by my niece's house to drop off gifts in the morning and going to my sister's in the afternoon!

I'm pretty pumped to give one of my nieces her gift (the bacon scarf a couple of posts back) and I think my sister will like what I got her (a set of plates with a lodge theme - very much her house) and I'm kind of excited about a clock I got the hubs (it holds all the state quarters) and a few other gifts. I (as always) went overboard this year but I really tried to get gifts I thought were super personal to each recipient.

And I'm super excited to put the poodle in his Christmas jammies and watch him open his stocking. Rumor has it that the big guy in the red suit bought him: carrots! A nylabone. And lots of squeaky toys!! It will be a glorious Christmas at my house!

And hopefully at your home too.

what are you most looking forward to for Christmas?

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