Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Doing yoga "blind"

I wear glasses because without the the world is just a blur - no real beginnings or ends, just colors. Hmmm, sort of like a reflection on water. I have a ton of different pairs of glasses, some for fashion some for fitness. Well today I wore a pair that was too big for working out (aka when I did a push up they fell off), I debated going home to get my workout glasses but I really didn't want to miss a class.
They weren't a problem for my spin classes - even in 3 your head is up enough.
It was pretty good in barre but when doing planks or push ups they fell off so when yoga began I just took them off.
It was a pretty interesting experiment
Not being able to see myself in the mirrors and not really having an ending of body was cool. I was able to let go of myself and relax into poses rather than critique myself nearly as much... No notice of body size and pedicure needs!

I wonder if I should do this more often...

do you yoga? How much do you pay attention to looks?

1 comment:

Laura said...

I love this! I often take my glasses off when I don't really need them. I like the indistinct world.

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