Friday, March 22, 2013

Good morning it's Friday

It's bright and early Friday morning! The impressive part is that I know it's Friday - I've spent most of the week a day behind.

As most Fridays I'm playing along with Friday fillins and you should too!

1. The wind blew wildly and made me worry that the house was going to fall over (this didn't happen this week but every time it's windy I worry).

2. running with a friend for her first race (there really is something so magical about your first race - totally admit I was teary for her) and a fabulous friend who has been supporting me during a rough few weeks (thanks Laura - the world is better for having you in it) made me feel warm and happy all over.

3. The smell of clear, clean, outdoor pine (similar to song of angels aka the best Yankee candle scent ever) makes me think of the day that I fell in "safety and trust" with the hubs (I loved him when I met him at 9 but this one day he took me up to Franconia notch I think we were 26 and after the gondola ride up the mountain we came to the patch of trees and the view and the scent and everything I just knew that we were meant for each other and he'd never intentionally hurt me). (Oh my gosh I love this one since I am so scent oriented)
4. When I am feeling lazy I nuggle the poodle.
5. Brilliant neon yellow is my favorite - it'll probably change tomorrow I love all the colors
6. The door creaked and a friendcame in.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spin and I need to make my friend (of the race) Pizza lentils , tomorrow my plans include my normal saturday morning classes at the gym and going to see oz with my sister. i also have to start stock piling vases from AC Moore because I'm doing the flowers for a may wedding and ironically it's cheaper to buy the vases there one at a time with the coupon of the week (ps did you know you can google it on your phone and just show it to them) than to buy them wholesale and Sunday, I want to get to the gym and then actually see that man I'm married to! He has plans tonight, he works Saturday morning/afternoon and is then going to see his niece in a play.

What are you up to this weekend?


Chat Noir said...

I absolutely love that your filled in bits are sometimes ENORMOUSLY long - thank you...I'm doing that next time. Its too hard to be brief!

**** April **** said...

Your house is going to fall over? Is it not secured to the ground? LOL

Hope you get to see your hubster!!

MamaRabia said...

I like the smell of pine too! Reminds me of Christmas, though. Hope you have a great weekend!

YuL hm said...

you sounds great to be together with for doing workout and exercises. wish I have a buddy like you to help me out on my healthy journey. its much easier when you have someone to encourage you all the way =))

Anonymous said...

hope you had a good weekend!!!!

i love candles too, but I don't burn them very often!

i have never run/walked a race, but it's something I would like to do at some point! (I dont like to run though!)

also love the pics with the puppers!
happy weeek, Joy!

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