Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do you ever forget?

I do!
The beauty around me, that is!
I go to Harold Parker state forest all! The! Time! And for me it's my home base walk and I forget to pay attention to it (as a matter of fact I am blogging this while walking one of pupsters favorite trails). When I want a "nice walk" I'll drive somewhere else - often a half hour or more away. Well today I didn't have time for that and I figured we'd settle for "our home base" and on the drive it occurred to me how lucky I am to have these trails and these changing leaves to ignore!

And wouldn't you know it as I got here a bus load of cross country runners were getting ready for a "pretty" run and 3 or 4 minutes in I came across leaf peepers (complete with binoculars) to enjoy the foliage and it really hit home... I am so lucky to have this!

+++what are you blessed by that forget to notice?+++


Missy said...

Everytime I go to the beach I think Why am I not here everyday!!! It is a 15 minute drive tops.

Laura said...

all the time. I sit in traffic a lot and forget to look around at the lovely trees, the people isnging in their cars, etc.

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