Thursday, March 31, 2011

Relay really

When I signed up for a relay run in DC the hubster gave me one of those ARE YOU NUTS comments...

I told him I wanted to run in DC (easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a "hub" of blogging) and I wanted to see all the fun that was going to happen around the national marathon. It also happened that it was the same weekend as the cherry blossom festival and the kite flying festival! I was IN!!!!

Susannah, Carly, Sana, me, Joanna, and Amanda!

So why a relay? Why not train for the half?
Because, why does a person blog? To become a part of a community and I think that a relay offers even more of that sense of community.
And really I only had even read one of the blogs of the ladies I was running with before I signed up with them (I have since added 4 great new blogs to my list - and you should too)

Another reason to sign up for a relay? This shining face will be waiting for you at 7:00 in the cold to wait for the trade off

AND will wait outside IN THE FREEZING COLD while you stay inside (still shivering) making sure you don't miss the trade off

And will take a good picture of you making it LOOk like you actually waited outside and were hardcore

You won't have to run in this crowd alone!

And best of all you get to finish with a friend - and really isn't that what all of life's about - starting as strangers and finishing as friends?

And the ladies were all super sweet and grateful for my insomniac induced crafting (I made them each medal holders - hubster informs me I have to make these for my etsy shop too)

So yup relay! For a REALLY good time!


Missy said...

I just noticed your about me page! Yay!
I like to know more about you.
PS- That is really smart about the age thing.
It's nice to have a blog-friend who is closer to my age. Most of the blogs I read are women who are younger (and have much more mature lives *sigh*) than me.

Carly said...

Joy! I had so much fun meeting you at the relay! And your crafting is amazing :) I hope we get to run together again soon!

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