Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My scars tell stories

Today as I was taking a bath (the same one where I took that picture of my scar) I looked down at my knee and I saw a soft pink scar. I remember the day it came to me fondly - Laura and I were biking and I had my first bike fall. I cut my knee and it has a matching sibling on my left elbow. I got up and we rode on (albeit a little more slowly). Do you remember that day Laura? It was a great day!

I looked a little further down my leg and saw a long thin white scar - from early on in my shaving days (the reason I mostly wax now) another time I laughed it off tossed a band aid on and went about my day.

If you look over to my right leg you will see an almost identical scar - from a recent hurried shaving expedition (I really shouldn't shave)

On my right arm you will see a few scars from surgeries to fix my muscles (and carpal tunnel) man was that doc HOTT!

On my stomach is scars from my gall bladder removal. My niece stayed and cared so hard! She's an OR tech and picked my team carefully and wasn't happy when I seized.

My upper lip's 42 stitches my senior year left a scar. I learned the Russian army march for this one - a history teacher tried to make it cool

And the one on my chin still makes me laugh, I was 12 and showing off on my kick ass horse while all my friends were still riding pokey ponies. Well I said whoa and she did! Too bad I didn't and skidded across a street ON MY CHIN! okay lesson learned!

And then there is my "other arm" the one where the scars were intentional. These are the scars I hide... Wide bracelets, long sleeves, well placed hand movements. They too have a story - each of them was a time I needed the physical pain to match the emotional turmoil - the problem here is it never does and just adds another layer of turmoil... And the circle continues!

Today is self injury awareness day - perhaps we could all try to be more aware every day?

***do you have any scar story you'd like to share***


VoiceinRecovery said...

I love this! I also feel that my scars are like battle wounds I earned and am proud of! I also feel that way about stretch marks. I lived, struggled, and made it through. There is nothing to be ashamed of, and help is out there. I think we definitely could spread awareness of self love and acceptance and try to reach those struggling to show there is hope!

Missy said...

Your one scar looks like a "W" for...."Warrior Princess!"

I never fell victim to self injury...and I am so glad. It is so very common.
Thanks for putting the word out..

EDNOS said...

I feel the same way about scars. I have always found them beautiful and so unique. Scars are connected to a story and you tell the story of your scars beautifully.

@ Kendra, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who likes her stretch marks.

@ Missy, I swear I'm not following you around the internet but I found it comforting to see you here. It was like bumping into a new friend in a place you didn't expect to see them.

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