Sunday, June 06, 2010

Wow - now that's some wind

I was at the wonderful Healthworks today and while I was there it was apparently pouring and windy out - well I didn't know I was comfy and cozy inside - elliptical, bike, weights and a sauna and I was loving life! Well in the locker room (twice I just typed dressing room - freudian slip there) and another lady told me that there was a tree crossing Comm Ave not too far from where we were. And when I went out WOWIE it was so windy I am telling you I felt like I was in Kansas on my way to Oz... Seriously I kept looking for Toto!

I decided (in total me fashion) that I needed a sorbet at this moment so I figured it made sense to WALK an extra 2 miles IN A TORNADO warning to get it. Sometimes I have NO common sense, but I saw some amazing (not necessarily in a good way) sights and made it back to the car in one piece. However I am also EXHAUstED! Good night, hope your weekend was filled with wonderful safety.

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