Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I am not often rendered speechless, a trait I inherited from my mother who had a comeback for EVERYTHING!

But a few times in the last 2 days I have just not been able to utter a word.

~ Driving down one of the main streets of my town and seeing a man in his mid-20s walking calmly down the road CARRYING AN AXE! Really?!?

~ My dog got stung by a dozen bees yesterday and WHILE they were stinging him he came and listened while I told him to sit and cleared them off of him...

~ Healthworks is amazing and leaves me speechless...

~ Today I saw a friend of mine who is homeless and got a quick catch-up

~ Saunas - seriously saunas are the best thing ever!

~ Running into someone from my past in a bad place.... (where I was in my head not the location)

~ A weird quazi-conversation with a family member that left me feeling like I had done something wrong.

And this Tree:
This tree fell on Comm Ave during the tornados (okay really need I remind you I live in New England peeps there is no tornados here)

And check out this giveaway

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