Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ummm yeah awkward

So today I drove in to healthworks for the first time to use my 14 day trial (review to come another day. And if I am being totally honest here (and why not because I think I am still alone here and this is my recovery blog so if I have to lie then that totally defeats the purpose, no?) I was having a very "behavior" day and was fighting ED on some turns but others (like working out hard) I was letting ED win. But overall I would classify this day as successful. ANYWAY, I do the little sign-up thing at the front desk and find out that there is cardio downstairs so that's where I head and I jump on a cool elliptical like machine and hit it hard and I am happy and listening to my iPod when I see a woman out of the corner of my eye and I am like "I know her, hmmm how?" and I can't figure it out so I chalk it up to she's a blogger and go on with my workout (PS they were playing New Moon on the DVD player - YAY but she looks at me and I can see that she is thinking the same thing that she knows me and I am rumbling around in my head with where did I meet her? Hmmm, maybe the blogger bash? Nah - maybe a store? Nope - OMG, she was a counselor at one of my last treatment places and at that moment she recognized me too. I looked down and kept pedaling but I was like damn wrong day to see me.

Ohhhh well, Healthworks is gorgeous!

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