Thursday, June 10, 2010

The happy week

Mish is having a happy week this week and invited all of her readers to join her...

So I give to you MY happy week:
* Seeing friends (once I am there I enjoy it talking myself into going not so much)
* The pupster
* The hubster
* A nice workout
* a perfect sunny day
* frozen yogurt (but the body says no)
* My wedding band (it is such a reflection of me)
* Notes in the mail
* Making jewelry
* Giving gifts
* a good salad
* a massage
* a nice walk
* sitting by the fire
* accomplishing something (pretty much anything since I never do)
* going to bed
* the ache of a good workout
* getting a good deal
* Healthworks
* Blogs
* BoYo (try their sorbet YUM)
* My new Champion stride and trims (whether or not they actually do anything I FEEL like I am working more)

What about you - what makes you happy?

1 comment:

MadScientist said...

I love the ache of a good I need to get back into that :) Thanks for joining!!!

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