Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In case you were wondering

I chose the tangerine uggs! 

Christmas this year is hard... All of this year is hard! I dropped the Disney half marathon for January - even walking 13 miles at this point isn't a possibility for me. Not really sure it will be again. And I'm trying very hard not to be a bitter bitch about it. Christmas is 2 days away and I'm just looking forward to it being over!

What are you up to?


Biz said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy New Year. I am kind of glad the whole Christmas stuff is over - just so hard with Tony not being here.

Here's to a better 2015! Hugs and Love!

AlwaysJoy said...

Biz I thought of you as I posted my final post of the year... I wish you lived closer! I'd invite you over for some insulin worthy cake and wine I brought home from Italy! Here's to ending a shit year may 2015 bring us more laughter than tears more smiles than frowns and more time walking than sitting xoxo my friend (look for a package from me early next week I just got all I wanted)

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