Tuesday, December 09, 2014

4 things about me

I have a goal for the rest of the year (short term here aye?) but I'd like to post once a week... And here's a little push

I found this on katywidrick.com and decided to play! 

Four names that people call me (other than my real name)

Joy-Joy (quite a few friends call me this)

JL (one of my oldest friends)

Happy-Happy (my sister as a play on happy happy joy joy)

Hun (J calls me this sometimes)

Four jobs I’ve had



Customer Service

Returns Specialist

Four movies I’ve watched more than once


50 First Dates

LILO and Stitch

My wedding video

Four books I’d recommend

Seventeen; forgotten and homeless

Any of the elm creek quilters

Any of the father Tim 

Shel Silverstein where the sidewalk ends 

Four places I’ve lived

Wilmington - how about about one? unless I say Wilmington house that burned down Wilmington house built in same spot Wilmington house a mile away...

Four places I’ve visited



Costa Rica

Disney world

Four places I’d rather be right now

I'm in bed with the poodle and J there's no place else is rather be...

Four things I don’t eat





Four of my favorite foods




Harry & David pears

Four TV shows I watch

Biggest Loser

Shark Tank

Big Bang Theory

Project Runway

Four things I’m looking forward to this year


It not being 2014 - I have HATED this year

Hopefully being out of pain

Hugging the poodle

Four things I’m always saying

I hate my stupid hip

Yup I'll see you then (confirming dr appointments and pt)

Who's the most handsome poodle in the whole wide world? 

Love you to the moon

And here's a poodle pic because what's the point?
Seriously he kills me with cuteness!

Play along answer one or more :-)

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