Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A little class and a little trash

A repost of my current Facebook status:
As I kick what was easily the most difficult year of my life to the curb. I'm actually not thinking as much about 8 months on crutches, 2 surgeries and a ridiculous 14 funerals. 

Instead I'm thankful that I had 14 people I loved share their lives with me, I'm sorry they're gone but certain they know I loved them with all I had.

I'm excited for friends who've had babies this year and I can't wait to see what they become. 

But mostly I am thinking how truly blessed I am that I have friends and family who have stuck beside me this year. 
*A sister who took me to Italy (on crutches and had to carry my bags)
*Family who did their very best to make me comfortable
*Friends who brought me to every appointment and surgery known to man
*More friends who sent me text after text with inspiration and cheer and love and compassion 
*A husband who let me whine when I deserved it and reminded me it wasn't all bad when I'd complained enough.
*A poodle who caught my every tear in his brown coat with all the love in the world 

Tonight I'll celebrate the end of this year but more so I'll look forward to 2015 because I know it's going to bring great things for us all! 

And the cake I bought for tonight:

Wishing you the best that 2015 has to offer!

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