Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trying out the cheap hips

I've been having some hip problems pretty consistently since August. I fell at an obstacle race and since then my hips have well sucked... 
Here's the timeline:

At first I ignored it
Then I saw the dr who sent me to pt for what he said was a torn glute (aka pain in my ass)
PT disagreed and sent me back to the dr who sent me for an MRI 
MRI said torn labrum and SI joint inflammation on my right leg
Back to pt and add in chiropractor 
Been doing both multiple times a week 
Back to dr Cortisone shot
Still chiro and pt
Back to dr because sitting hurts running hurts standing too long... You get the picture here!
2 more cortisone shots 
4 days of HELL pain where anything but laying in my bed was impossible 
Next day dr says I'm good to run again BUT
I get sick...
2 extra days off of all workouts.
Yesterday spin and barre class
And I'm back from the run soooo...
Today 6 slow & flat miles and 4 miles in if there was a saw near by I would have chopped at least one leg off to make it stop hurting...
So tomorrow is another call to the ortho to see if he has any great ideas...

I'd love to celebrate ANYTHING march 16th when I'm scheduled to run my next half... But since I've been DNSing races like crazy lately we will see...

Got any words of wisdom? Either on how to fix my cheap hips OR how to deal with yet more down time :-/

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