Friday, December 13, 2013

Hey mister where's your Christmas spirit

Anyone remember what movie that's from?

Anyway... In a typical year my little family goes like this: J super excited about Halloween and me thrilled for Christmas and valentine's day. But this year I just couldn't seem to muster up the spirit to decorate. I got the gifts (albeit a bit later than normal) and they're wrapped - rather prettily I might add! But putting up a tree? I'll pass.

Well apparently Joy without a tree is just not a thing. Friends kept saying they were going to break into my house and put up a tree... I laughed! Yesterday I went to the gym and when I got home there was J with our old tree half put up (we hadn't used a fake tree in a couple years) and the bah humbug I am pointed out there's rust on it ;-) he soldiered on BY HIMSELF. And in the end I have a tree.

I told him while he was making it that I was going to blog that I admitted that I have an ugly tree (because people always post trees that might not be pretty and say "look at my gorgeous tree") and he laughed. I asked him why he was putting it up he said "because you'll regret not having a tree after its too late for me to fix it" I don't know if he meant after Christmas or after the nor'easter we are getting this weekend! 

But now I'm going to say to you look at my gorgeous tree because rust (and the fact that its only half a tree so it could squish against the window) and all it's the most beautiful tree I've ever seen - its a tree built with love!

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