Thursday, May 03, 2012

Wordy Wednesday I am still married

So as I mentioned in my last post I had a friend stay over for a couple nights while she and her husband worked through an argument. Hubster and I commented on how the first year of marriage is a bitch... Even though we had lived together beforehand something about the official ness of it all made it feel like a prison sentence with no chance of parole (ok so I'm overly dramatic bit you get my point). I think how we survived it was the apology glass. The what you say? Well here is the story...
My grandmother had given my sister a glass and a poem when my sister got married. My grandmother (actually both and my grandfathers but I'm not bitter) passed away before my wedding. My sister gave me a copy of the poem and my own glass for my shower, she said it was from her and Mimi.
So I told my (newly married) friend about this and she loved it. I thought you might too :-)

+++are you good at apologies? I'm not but my friend patty is fabulous at it+++


Kate B said...

Joy! I was so glad to see your comment on my blog! And I like the concept of the apology glass!

Astrid said...

Hey there! Glad to hear from you. I'm getting married in December, and altough we have been living together for almost four years, I know that something will feel different. Being Mrs. Haney will feel so strange! Like I'm a new person.

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