Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall

Yesterday, like everyday when I woke up the last time (I wake up a million times a night to go to the bathroom) I weighed myself - the number was lower than I thought it should be so I turned and looked at the mirror. It showed me what I expected, too much of me!

My first thought was that hubster had tinkered with my scale - he did NOT appreciate my accusation. I continued through my day - my therapist asked my weight, I told him I didn't know that I think hubs messed with my scale. We went through the whole story he too looked at me like I was nuts.

A friend told me I looked thinner

This is not a source of pride -- I can't believe them. My head shows me something different, how am I suppose to believe something I can't see or feel? Isn't the typical argument "I saw it with my own eyes" so why don't my eyes count?

+++do you struggle with seeing is believing?+++

1 comment:

Laura said...

sometimes we need to believe the objective proof, not what our eyes tell us.

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