Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The it's my birthday edition

Today is my birthday...
Yesterday was shit day!
I had someone tell me that I was hopeless - wait scratch that I had a part of my treatment team tell me I was hopeless.
I so am proving them wrong - and yeah I need an overhaul of my team, pretty sure they've kept me alive but I need more than heartbeats and breaths, right?
Today is all about new beginnings.
Choices for a new me in a new year.
Today I will walk because I love it and I can. (not because something in my head tells me I have to)
Today I will go to Starbucks and have tea because it's my favorite (not because there are no calories)
Today I will see a friend (shocker for this recluse)
Today I will snuggle my pup because I love him more than I ever knew possible.

Today I will be more than alive - I will live! Because tomorrow is worth fighting for (I guess)

+++how do you celebrate your birthday?+++


Laura said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a strong, kick-ass, amazing, powerful, funny, smart, kind woman who can beat this shit and keep her light in the world!

Jackie said...

You are so far from hopeless that it isn't even on the horizon! I actually think that anyone on a treatment team who would make a comment like that needs to be reported before they say something to someone who is not as strong (yes you are!) as you.
Happy Birthday, and as the Orthodox say, Many Years!

Kate B said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate your birthday. You are not hopeless - that post sounded full of hope!

Tessa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a fantastic one, one as far away from the disorder as possible at this time... you are farrrr from hopeless!

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