Sunday, January 09, 2011


You know the phrase "when the going gets tough the tough get going"?
Yeah totally not relevant here my phrase would be "when the going gets tough Joy can't sleep"
Seriously whenever I struggle insomnia steps in. I know that it's common for people to not be able to sleep during difficult times but seriously I am more than a little done with this. I am averaging 45 minutes to 3 hours a night. Honestly I'd be okay with the 3 hours if they were consecutive but in the case of last night it went a little something like this
Fall asleep 11:20
Wake up with chest/back/stomach pains 12:01
(hubster goes to get pup since when I don't feel good I want my poodle)
Think and decide I want to make pupster a quilt for valentine's day (did I mention I come up with asinine ideas in the middle of the night)
Try listening to meditation music
Try counting backward (it's worked for surgeries)
6:19 fall asleep
6:48 wake up for the day - allow myself to jump online (sometimes I do in the middle of the night too but I try not to in hopes of going back to sleep)
And that is s night in my life...
I can't take sleeping pills (i have messed up my body too much for that)
Ativan doesn't really help anymore
Meditation isn't working
Nor do warm baths

Any ideas?
I'd be reallllllly grateful!


Laura said...

I use melatonin, it's the substance our bodies make when we're sleepy. Ask your dr about it!

andy said...

Have you tried listening to other music-music with lyrics/soft favourites? I find that that helps sometimes. I'm sorry to hear about the insomnia! It's awful-i definitely know :P
xoxo andrea

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