Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rewarding yourself (ED related)

Because I am facing a deadline for showing some improvement (& honestly I am not sure how much will be enough) I have decided to appease my inner 5 year old and offer prizes for successes.

So for right now they are if I go 2 weeks without purging I can buy myself the sodastream I really want.

If I make it to and work at all scheduled therapy and lab and doc appointments I can get myself 4 bottles of their diet soda mixes.

I really want to add if I can go 1 month self injury free I can get pupster his dog door - the flaw? If I fail it will be a spiral of SI because I will have let my best furry friend down!

Do you reward yourself and if so what are some examples...

Ps- the bike up above is one my mom won me right before she died - I rewarded myself with bringing it up (and getting a trainer for it) for cleaning the hobby room! Woot woot

1 comment:

Laura said...

I'm rooting for you sweetie!

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