Monday, January 03, 2011

Going to the vet = treats from the mama

Pupster had to go to the vet twice in one week and so I took him out for an ice cream afterwards... He *MIGHT* be so spoiled that it wouldn't occur to him to eat it out of his bowl but only held by me and licked like a little kid! But ohhh the look on his face!
I wish I knew how to insert the YouTube video in the post... I have a few more I want to add. Does anyone know how to do that?

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Chubby McGee said...

Hey, dear.

If you hit "New Post," the screen will pop up for your entry. You'll see a little film strippy marker icon at the top of where you enter the text. Click on it. It'll give you the option of adding a video from YouTube. That shoooould work. Not 100% certain of that I haven't done that yet. Try it out. :)

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