Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pins and needles

This week I went back to acupuncture - I went before I was last in the hospital and it really did a world of good for my head back then and have high hopes for it again... I know it is cumulative so I will stick with it and give it a go! This week was a little hard as I went there from therapy and it was a rough session for me.
I am working hard to get my head back in the healing game... That said ED has been kicking me lately, restricting sucks! But more difficult for me is the exercise I don't seem to be able to "keep it reasonable" worst was today when in a kettlebell class I hit my knee with the bell and continue through the class AND THE NEXT ONE with a throbbing swollen knee...
Alas baby steps right? And at least I am recognizing it!

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