Thursday, July 15, 2010

How I see it

I have so many things I think of to post but then I think to myself "joy, who really wants to hear that?" so what I have decides is even if they are stupid little things I am just going to bop them up and maybe they will be what someone needs ( even if that someone is me and what I need is to get it off my chest)

The other day I donated my glasses that I have had for 8 years I have had a few new pairs since then (thank you and but I just didn't want to part with my old faithfuls - they were a security blanket for me. I got married in them I said goodbye to loved ones in them I welcomed Tyler into this world with them and somehow never wearing them again made me sad. Until I saw a box that had words of affirmation on all 4 sides and on one side it said "joy" and the next one said "donate your glasses here" and I knew that was the universes way of telling me it was time to let someone else have a little of my view of the world! I did give them a little photo shoot before I let them go - this is my favorite of the photos.

Do you get attached to silly things?
I certainly do - my mom used to say I humanize everything remind me to tell you about the gingerbread cookie someday...

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