Saturday, March 08, 2014

I was also baking cakes

Like a crazy person 
This is obviously pre hip surgery because now my specialty is making a dent in my couch :-/

This was for my friends birthday the inside was purple too 
This was for a friends daughter. It's my take on lalaloopsy.
It was rainbow marble on the bottom and funfetti on top!
Cupcakes for another friends daughter who wanted tie dye frosting - funfetti in the middle. (This is my favorite picture I took of them all)
Chocolate and vanilla groom cupcakes for an engagement party
The bride (all vanilla and I found this on Pinterest - the groom I had to improvise)
The cake that started it all! A gymnastics outfit for a friends 3 year old! 

It's been fun can't wait to be up and making them again.
Hopefully a minion in a couple weeks!


Are you a cake yay or nay? I'm not a fan but I like to bake them

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