Monday, February 24, 2014

Ohhh my have I been crafty

Lets just agree that Pinterest made me do it 
These 3 were a Christmas present for a Harry potter loving friend... She pinned the accio coffee one onto her "I need"
board and I went from there!

These 3 I got the idea here:
And then just made them my own! 
They went to 3 preschoolers 

J is in love with the Olympic Games so I made him my
(Cheap) version of this (with color appropriate candy or
Cookies that are his favorites):

This was my own punniness at play... Snacks in a mason
  jar  with chewbacca glued to the top with a tag that 
said for when you need a little something to chew on!

This was a get well for my friends daughter who broke
 her arm. I got this idea from here:


This idea I've seen everywhere so I just made my own
For a friend of mine who loves the bruins almost as
Much as she loves shoes!!

And there's a few of them!
I've got tons of cakes to show you too!

Have you been up to anything fun lately?

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