Thursday, April 18, 2013

I can't talk

About Monday's horrible attack at the marathon
I was there in Boston, not too far from where the explosions happened (though around the bend so I saw nothing, just heard the boom and assumed it was a car backfiring or a tire exploding - sometimes I wonder if I am simple). Yet I fully could not comprehend what was happening. I had to text a friend in another state to ask what was going on. I tweeted that I'd never seen so many police STILL not grasping what was going on (within a minute of the explosion). Then I saw a friends tweet and wondered what was up - I texted her and found out. That text I sent was the last thing that made sense to me. I got in my car (that i had thankfully taken a picture of where i had parked i thought with celebrating our friends finish i would forget - i forgot for a totally different reason) and slowly drove to tremont to pick up some friends who were stuck there because cab and t service was stopped and I brought them home (a 30 minute trip that took almost 5 hours). For the last few days I have walked around in a fog. I found out my friend who ran is okay and another who was cheering was hurt but fine. Accomplishing very little other than I took the poodle to do some therapy on some people who are having a hard time with the aftermath (he makes me proud). I am proud of my city. I am disgusted by the human(s) who did this and I am rendered speechless.
One of the best articles I've read

Well said Stephen Colbert

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Laura said...

Hang in there, honey. You are not alone. You will be okay.

I believe in you.

Anonymous said...

That week was crazy. I had friends in the race, at the race, and all over Cambridge and Boston posting on facebook and texting. In fact, the bombers went to hs with many of my friends, since I grew up in Boston.

Anyway... sending you love. It gets better.

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