Friday, April 05, 2013

Finally sunny! Friday fill ins we go!
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1. I use coconut oil to oil pull. Much like many other things that I don't believe should work but totally do (see reiki and acupuncture on that list - I definitely don't understand them but have watched both of them work in my own life) oil pulling works - with no other changes my teeth are less sensitive!
2. Oz the great and powerful is one of my favorite movies. of recent date I was amazed at how interested it kept me and how amazing the color was. I could not stop saying to my sister that the color was like color over saturated but still real
3. It's probably the first real nice day of spring and I am sitting on the front porch writing this while the poodle lays in the grass in front of me! It's lovely
4. I'm ALWAYS saying "well at the time it seemed like a good idea like when I volunteer for something months in advance and then day of I'm having huge panic attacks!
5. I said happy spring to the gentleman who just walked by and then he said it's about time! Is that a labradoodle?I told him no the poodle is just a poodle with a funny hair cut. Like most people that meet him he started patting him and then got down and gave him a good snuggle - the poodle is a born therapy dog.
6. boxing is what I'm craving right now! however my cut knuckles are probably glad that I have a week off
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging with the poodle, tomorrow my plans include my normal classes at the gym and then picking up my race packet and then cleaning a friends house with her and Sunday, I want to I have a race at 9:00 in the town next to where I live so I am sneaking in a 7:00-7:45 spin class and then rushing over to run a 5k, probably will lay low the rest of the day - maybe take the poodle for a walk!

what are your weekend plans?


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :)
I am a swap-bot member, I used to be very active, stopped for a couple of years and just started again.
It is fun but our post office is extremly unrealiable so that makes it hard :(
What sort of thing do you like to swap? I swap postcards through postcrossing and that is fun, no pressure swapping - I love artsy postcards!
Will stop by often, I send warm regards from Mexico :)

**** April **** said...

I HATE the feelign of volunteering before your "real" schedule is full but then realizing you need to stay committed but then you're over committed and want to just bail on everything! That's me...a ll the time! UGH

Unknown said...

Oz the great and powerful was a great movie. i am looking forward to when it comes to DVD. One of my favorite movies so far this year. :)

hope you have a great evening. :)

Anonymous said...

1) I'm not sure what oil pulling is.... is this like coconut oil for your hair? or for your teeth? sorry! confuseeeeeed!

2) i need to see OZ!

3) i would love to try boxing some day.

much love to you, Joy!

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