Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The house that craigslist built

I used to tease my mom mercilessly about buying only items with red tags on them (aka clearance) I'd tell her that as a child I didn't know that stuff was sold before it had a red tag on it... That I thought it was just for display (true story).

I wonder what she'd say to her cheap ass daughter who has:
Bought either scratch and dent OR used appliances

Gone without hot water for 3 weeks (I shower at the gym) when the furnace broke because she refused to pay 2 plumber fees when he was going to have to come out to install the dryer and stove anyway!

Bought a bigger better tv than she wanted (way bigger - like 15" bigger) because it was on clearance to make way for a new model so it was $700 cheaper than the one she went for

Slept on the floor because the mattress we wanted was going on sale in 2 weeks so why pay full price when we could pay half...

Bought used couches, tv stands etc because they were as good as new and WAY cheaper.

And the new things I did buy... Well yeah they had red tags on them

Apple, tree... Nope not a far fall at all!

+++are you like your parents? And do you pay full price?+++

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Laura said...

I grew up going to yard sales every weekend. In my 20s I declared my independence and bought new. Now? I buy used or discount. Funny how what goes around comes around.

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