Saturday, September 24, 2011

Arrr I missed talk like a pirate day!

So I missed the actual day but I had to find my name out - ummm no thanks I'll keep joy thanks!

So tomorrow we are going to pick up the new washer dryer and I am literally pulling out the broken foot card... We don't have to mention that I took the pupster to new England pet expo and walked around for five hours straight! But whatever!

So, I also stopped at the zero waste day (where tons of charities were to get all your leftover junk) and I have to say the freedom of getting rid of so much stuff is rather intoxicating I literally filled an entire car with crap (okay clothes shoes electronics etc)

+++ is clearing out clutter addictive to you?+++

1 comment:

Missy said...

HAHAHAHA....I kind of like the pirate name.

You just gave me the biggest craving to purge (my stuff), are right it is so intoxicating.
It's just ...hard.

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