Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is pleasure?

Joy put the question out for bloggers to answer. What is pleasure?
See her entire question list here

And this got me thinking about what is pleasure really, is it a feeling that you have to look for? Is it something you stumble upon? Is it even something you recognize when it happens?

My guess is that pleasure can't be found if you're looking for it. In my Experience when you are looking for or expecting pleasure you don't usually get it. Isn't the planning and looking forward to a vacation almost always better than the vacation? And the lead up to a movie almost always better than the movie?

In the same way isn't a day you had no hope for often surprisingly PLEASURABLE?

Yesterday I had one of those stumble upon great days! My phone had been acting up, my car tire popped. I needed to go to the mall! Sears could replace my tire while the genius bar worked their magic on my phone.

Well my friend Louisa was free earlier in the day than normal and met me at the mall. We spent a good 3-4 hours (lugging the world's heaviest laptop) window shopping (with shockingly little actual shopping), tea drinking (still think my new favorite blueberry lemonade was amazing), and manicure (gotta love bargain wednesday manicures) getting!

It was a day set up to be boring and tedious and ended up being one of the best I have had in a while!

So what is pleasure?
-good friends
-good attitudes
-good tea
And pupster at my feet has asked that I add:
-good poodles!

So, again, what is pleasure?
-easily attainable (when you're not looking for it)

Where have you unexpectedly found pleasure recently?


Joy Tanksley said...

"easily attainable (when you're not looking for it)" - LOVE that! What an interesting thought. Thanks so much for participating, Joy! XOXO!

Anonymous said...

um yeah i agree with this whole post! it was an awesome day for me too. best part was just sitting + talking w/ my favorite joy!!

Missy said...

Making a spooning bed for my dog last night, she curled up right next to my stomach where my heating pad is....I felt like I was helping her feel like she was in "the womb" and it made me feel so good.

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