Saturday, February 26, 2011

The reason I am not a food blogger

SO! For some reason I decided I needed to join in on this week's BSI - the ingredient is cumin (what is cumin?). I think the reason I chose to join in this week rather than a week I knew what I would be making something with is because I wanted to celebrate with Biz that her wonderful husband Tony is home from the hospital!

So I googled what pairs with cumin I got a LOT of lemon recommendations...

Then again I googled lemon cumin recipes

I got a LOT of soup recipes and some chicken recipes BUT I didn't have any chicken in the house. I recently had seen on some page a recipe for pretzels so I googled lemon cumin pretzels and came up blank...

SO I found this recipe on and thought I coupld take out some of the water and replace it with fresh squeezed lemon juice and add in some cumin too...

SO I gathered my ingredients (look at me all fancy here)

and put them in my bread machine and set it for dough (I don't knead dough I hate stuff under my nails)

at the end of it's cycle I had liquid dough so I did some quick thinking and decided to just let the bread machine do it's thing and make it into bread - well it didn't rise so well so it ended up a really small loaf of lemon cumin bread that the hubster says isn't too bad but it is really sour like lemonade that doesn't have enough sugar and you can't taste the cumin at all

So the moral of this story! Welcome home Tony, Biz don't make him this!


Biz said...

First of all, thank you for your continued support - it means SO much to me!!

And I had to laugh that you don't like to knead dough because you don't like getting stuff under your fingernails!

I do find the lemon/cumin an interesting combo - and believe me, I've had more mishaps in the kitchen - I am known for forgetting to put sugar in muffins - to the tune of about a dozen times!

It's a running joke in my family! I am actually making plain white bread right now - I did let my stand mixer knead it for me though - its resting while Tony is resting!

Thanks for the shout out too! :D

Holly said...

You are SO sweet to show support for Biz by submitting a recipe! TRUST me, I have had more mishaps in the kitchen than I can count. I won't even tell you about the time I tried to hardboil eggs....and after about an hour, I threw in the towel. :-) And I commend you for trying anything dough related....that always intimidates me!

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