Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The things that are difficult

Are there things standing in your way from being the person you want to be?

Is it an illness? Mental or physical?

For me it is often a compulsion with numbers... All numbers, I used to count 6s and 9s as a way of relaxing and then it was transferred to calories and the scale.

Now it is most often time. Time on the treadmill, time until hubster gets home, days until I see the doctor (though that ones in dread). Anyway, recently I had my labs drawn and it came back with me having high cholesterol and it triggered every bad behavior I know. I have spent the last 4 (again with the numbers) days fighting through this with the help of pupster - we have gone on countless walks and he hasn't minded one bit my tears on his shoulder. Ironically while in the woods yesterday I got bit by a tick and now have an appointment tomorrow with the doc (you know the person I was most avoiding) to check for Lyme!

But the good part of all this is the sights I have gotten to see... Including these turkeys who were certainly taking their damn sweet time getting out of my way. Heaven knows I wasn't going to hurry them I am still scared of birds after all...

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