Friday, September 27, 2013

It's a medium

This weekend was filled with mediums (well specifically an aura reading for me and an "animal whisperer" for the poodle)

So on Friday night I went to an aura reading party. It was cool, I'd never had anything like that done before. 

First you go and have your aura captured. To do this you put your hand on a little hand shaped thing attached to a computer and then somehow that prints out your aura (no I'm not sure how it works).

The next step is meeting privately with the reader. She looked at my picture and said to me "do you have a lot of anxiety? Like to an extreme?" And I laughed and said "I've taken extra Ativan today, so it's almost under control" she asked how many and I told her and she was surprised that she could even read me (apparently anxiety meds can alter your reading) we kept going and she asked if I was having back pain (omg yes I am - this is a post for another day but PT and chiropractor and I'm still cringing every time I have to lift my leg). And it kept going she said that there was a pink around my legs which meant I was a lover of animals who loved them unconditionally (so true). And a bunch more but sadly I have a hard time concentrating on someone speaking to me for too long and I stop understanding the words (happens when my dr talks too - fortunately my therapist has figured out small sentences and then break or I don't get it)

Then Saturday morning I ran a half marathon (another post coming) and after that there was a pet expo in town so I (of course) brought the poodle! He was a jerk! He is NEVER a jerk but man he hated it and I was so glad to leave! 

But before we left I had him talk to an animal whisperer ($25 for 15 minutes) but I think she was mostly a quack! All she would focus on was do we live near a park (nope) and that he's a hard read because he's the canine version of a Buddhist (because he's so zen). Ummm maybe another day I'd have believed that because for the most part he is the most chill dog I've ever met but Saturday he was raging! I could NOT wait to get home and not have him on a leash where he was pulling me!

Then Sunday was a 5k (and yes my back hates me)

How was your weekend? What have you been up to? And have you ever been "read"?

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