Wednesday, June 22, 2011


"stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibility"

Lately I haven't been blogging because I was bit by the good enough bug... There are a number of reasons or excuses why I wasn't good enough to blog. At the end of the day they're irrelevant I blog because it is my out. I blog so that someday I can write "I'm recovered" and someone else can see all the shitty times were worth it (this will happen, right?)

So pretty much what's been up in my life:
House crap 24/7 and although I say it isn't bothering me my body's all over pain probably proves that theory wrong.

I got a droid to replace my dying iPhone and hate it (sorry droid lovers)

My feelings have been hurt from pretty much every angle (probably means it's me)

When I've felt well enough I've taken pupster on some amazing walks!

Hubster made me laugh so hard it hurt when he told pupster "it's a good thing you're a poodle, we need a smart dog since we treat you like you're human" I replied for pupster "what do you mean treat me like I AM HUMAN"

And the MOST EXCITING news is my nephew is home from his deployment in Afghanistan (yesterday)

+++how do you talk yourself out of the doldrums?+++


Laura said...

Doldrums are hard. I sometimes make myself write lists of decent things. Sometimes I ask others to send me love letters.

Jackie said...

Wow, do I understand that "good enough" bug! It cripples my writing, my work, and my life in general. I never really believe that ANYTHING I do is good--let alone wonderful--and tend to view those who give me positive feedback as being sadly deluded. And the major life choices I have made have done nothing to amend this view of myself.
In reality, we (or at least YOU) are more than good enough!

Great news that J is home. S (who will soon have a new phone once she makes a decision between an iPhone or Droid)has been very worried.

BTW, *I* have a Droid and love it. They are very different from iPhones (which I find annoying for a whole raft of reasons). Which model do you have?

Missy said...

Whoo Hoo about your nephew. What a relief.
However the part that sticks out for me about what you wrote is that your feelings got hurt.

Sending Love!

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