Thursday, November 04, 2010

Do I make you proud?

Do you know that song? Taylor hicks sings it. Hubster loves it! And he lives it! The other day we went to screemfest at canobie lake park and I am such a chicken and they were selling glow necklaces for $5 so the "monsters" wouldn't get you. Well hubster practically skipped me over to the vendor. He really didn't care that if they weren't going to scare me and he was with me he was going to lose out on that experience too. When I pointed that out he said I vowed to keep you safe from everyone I can and these characters are some of them! I snuggled him and he whispered that that was way better than anything a theme park could offer him! Yup he made me proud!

I wanted to give him a little something and I KNEW just what to offer! I went on the above roller coaster with him! We sat in the front seat and I only offered one blood curdling scream he told me how proud he was :-D

The rest of the night we all just hung out having a great time until I suggested the 2 boys do the haunted house without us so they could get the full effect (we all had gone through one - hubster was a rockstar who held my hand pointed out my necklace accepted my tightly closed eyes and told me a story of princesses as I squirmed through praying to die rather than go through this). They went but I got frequent texts making sure I was okay (I need to add here that if I wasn't truly afraid of every part of this - with reason - he wouldn't have been so cautious he does NOT BABY me and I wouldn't want him to)

And over all he continued to make me proud!

So how about you... What are your fears? If you are in a relationship does your SO accept them?

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Laura said...

I am afraid of looking foolish. And of monsters under my bed. And of pain. And of losing the people I love. And of all kinds of things.

And yes, my SO is usually supportive - unless he thinks I'm using fear to keep me from doing something.

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