Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Holy shit!

I figured that even my friends don't want to hear all the doubts in my head so this one is for me. I can not breathe at the thought anymore that I am doing a tri. I am freaking the hell out. There isn't a moment that it isn't right there, right below the surface ready to hop up and drown me. I have to SWIM, BIKE, and RUN! ***I am going to fail***
How the hell do I deal with this? What in life have I failed at? Shit nothing that I can think of. I have never quit and never failed (well unless you count algebra BUT I don't because I didn't care to try)

Let's see if I sleep tonight. Last night was a bust and this is looking about the same the only difference is Jim's nephew is spending the night I can't even pace.

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